Born for FPV, Insane FPV RC Plane Flight Through Shed, Train and Car Chase, Almost Crash Stall

OMG I love this video soooo much!!!!

For insane FPV videos go to “Gabriel2584” and “nastycop420”

FPV gear: approx. 600 Euro
Plane ready to fly: approx. 600 Euro
Costs altogether, with RC flight simulator, RC transmitter, charger, accus: approx 2000 Euro
Money you need at the beginning: 3000 Euro (crashs included)
But you need much time to be able to handle the technology………

Testing the new setup.
12th and 13th FPV flight

Powering the FPV gear with the flight battery.
Ampere values maybe too low because of cold temperatures.

Recording with Canon MVX200i Mini DV PAL Camcorder
Deinterlacing with “Alparysoft Deinterlace” with “Cedocida DV Codec” and Virtual Dub
Editing with Ulead Videostudio 11
Compressing with Xvid, Single Pass, Quantizer 2, MP3 256 kps CBR
This is the best possible quality in my opinion (with this camera, transmitter setup)

Interference caused by the motor (horizontal black lines), but not dramatic
min. Transmitter voltage: 9,7 V, below that picture loss (happens at full throttle with an almost empty battery)

Modified Multiplex Easystar:
Ailerons, Brushless motor, enlarged rudder (+ approx. 8 x 2cm)

Trimmed wings (1145 mm) and fins (to the rudders)
More induced drag at low speeds, gliders have long wings to reduce the induced drag
less aerodynamic drag at high speeds

IMPORTANT: Center of gravity approx. 70mm from leading edge (approx. 8mm moved to the front)

Turnigy C2409- 1600 KV, approx. 27 A
ESC NoName or Turnigy, 30A
Prop 7×6
2x Multiplex Tiny S
2x GWS Mini
Kokam 2100 H5 30C 11,1V 3s
Thunder Tiger ACE TG6000 Gyro on elevator
Graupner/JR MX-16s 40 Mhz
Graupner/JR SMC-16 Scan PCM receiver: 3,685m antenna
Detrum 9g Pan servo

FPV setup:
Fat Shark goggles
CCD Killer camera 5V, powered with BEC
Lawmate 1,2 GHz TX and RX, 1000 mW from fpvsystems,com
Self built heat sink for video TX, gets VERY hot!
Legal in Austria with Radio (Ham) License between 1240 and 1300 MHz up to 200W
I’m using channel 8 (1280 MHz)
Black Stork OSD
3s Lipo for video Rx

AUW: 960g
Weight FPV gear: approx.155g
Thrust: approx. 700 g
Flight time: 5-30 min. depending on throttle and thermal lift
Stall speed: 20-25 km/h
Max. horizontal speed: 95 km/h (airspeed)
756 39

47 thoughts on “Born for FPV, Insane FPV RC Plane Flight Through Shed, Train and Car Chase, Almost Crash Stall

  1. You and "ANYONE" who flies like this is nothing more than an irresponsible "IDIOT". It is directly and explicitly due to you and people like you that have put the entire R/C model aircraft hobby at risk. Way to go dumb ass….

  2. Wow, what a great flight, this is the video I wish I could have made, (good tunes too)
    the turbulence coming off that train or cars must have been tremendous, good job keeping it under control, I also really liked the swoop through the pole barn.
    ~*Happy flying*~

  3. No, that's only the position of the transmitter (me) to the plane. Or in other words, it's just another form of the "way to home arrow".
    When I'm losing RC transmission, "Fail Safe" and the current GPS position appear on the screen.

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