FPV RC PLANE: incredible mid night flight crash! Must see!

Flew my Hawkeye 1700 plane FPV in the middle of the night, lost all power 3 km away, attempted to land and crashed over a kilometer away! Thanks Starlight cameras and Eagle Tree Vector OSD for your help!

– Hawkeye 1700 (Too heavy!!!)
– Vtx 1.2G Lawmate 1W + Blue beam antenna
– Vrx with saw filter + 8db Cpatch antenna
– Receiver Frsky L9R
– Motor (don’t buy it!!!) Pylon racer EF1
– ESC Yep 150 amps
– Low light camera: Foxeer XAT800N + f1.2 Lens IR sensitive
– OSD Eagle Tree Vector + pitot tube
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8 thoughts on “FPV RC PLANE: incredible mid night flight crash! Must see!

  1. just maidend my skyhunter today and I was running an 80 amp esc, 780kv cobra with a 14×7 cruising at 4.5 amps. no lie with dragonlink. 1.3ghz lawmate Vtx and Vrx from hobbywireless. 10,000mah before I put the vector and everything in it my record Flight time was 1 hour a 50 minutes. could have gone another 30 min but I had to come down my neck was hurting for looking up that long lol. I saw the amps you were pulling on that and that was intense. gotta watch that throttle usage it'll bite ya for sure lol what esc were you running in it? as soon as you took off I saw the mah used shoot past through the 100's like water. i was like oh man that ain't gonna be a long flight time. best case scenario if you lose video feed you most likely still have control of the plane try rth if that don't work and as in your case you had to make a forced landing fly the plane all the way down till you made a landing spot and throw it into 2D+hold as soon as you lose the video and it will survive most crashes. great video and great stuff to learn from thanks for posting!

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