Long Range FPV Plane Crash into High Voltage Power lines

Skywalker films from air, the crash of long range FPV plane into high voltage power lines at RC Airport. It was one of my fan and Customer from Pakistan who crashes his brand new MFD My Twin Dream MTD plane into high voltage power lines. For full story the read the slide in the video before flight. It was a shame seeing a brand new superb long range MTD falling to its death but hey this is the life of a RC Pilot and we all should be ready for these. Never ever let these crashes discourage you. This is how we all learn and get our experience in RC flying. Enjoy the crash footage shot using GoPro on board my old trusted Skywalker plane.

You can order Ready to fly, Flight tested MTD plane here but please do not crash it into power lines 😀

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25 thoughts on “Long Range FPV Plane Crash into High Voltage Power lines

  1. Tough crash for the Paki. I hope he at least got a discount on the replacement if he bought another one. One thing everyone who flies RC knows, it's not IF but WHEN you're gonna crash. I've seen guys with 30+ years of experience crashing and of course the newbies on one of their first 10 flights. If you can't afford to lose it, don't fly it.

  2. Sad end but, yes, gaining experience…

    Ali, I am sure you are aware of it but it did finally arrive: the new HUBSAN SKYHAWK with GPS, 1080 cam, RTH etc.
    Are you planning to do a test of this one as you did for its predecessor a few years ago?I bought the first version after having seen your video!
    I just bought the newly latest version in France (internet) a week ago for about 260 EUR but didn't fly it yet (Weather…). So far, I would say that it looks as a great plane potentially. The OSD on the screen is in color with plenty of useful info! You can switch on the (very) bright led under the wings with a switch, idem for the RTH function.
    Only possible concern is the fact that the wings are in one big part (1 meter wingspan). So any strong shock could break them badly. The other thing is the way the wings are secured on the frame (Plasticky stuff) looks 1/potentially fragile in case of shock and 2/ccould detach itself easily (I secured it with staples and scotch tape!).
    I ll post video of my (futur) flights.

    Thanks to you for inspiring people to go into RC hobby…!


    A French fan.

  3. tbh you shouldn't be flying anywhere near those cables. Do you not understand how much of an impact to people losing their power is and the cost to repair if you damage them? Not to mention the deep shit you would be in?

  4. The plane felt after in the middle of the street, that must have been a bit scary and very dangerous for the drivers >.<
    You should not have maybe uploaded this video, hope it will not play more against FPV in China :S
    Damn, he also crashed a DJI Inspire 1 before in same circumstances, expensive hobby doesn't it?
    Well at least now i know how to say powerlines in Paki language LOL
    Have a great weekend

  5. Bad in every way this is the shit that is getting us banned and flight restricted all over the world. 3 Reasons, 1 Hitting High tension power lines, 2 Crashing onto a motor-way people could have injured or killed, 3 posting on youtube because you don't know who's watching. Just a note: Enjoy watching your Channel Ali.

  6. What no discount on the price for a steady repeat customer? Hard way to learn easy way to total your plane just hit power lines. But what if his plane had hit a car possibly causing an accident – oh no police officer that's not my plane – bet he learns real quick than. Nice video to bad about the plane. One could always claim it was a bird strike that flew into the plane…..

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