Flying FPV Multi-rotors with Team Blacksheep

We met up with Team Blacksheep pilot Raphael Pirker (AKA Trappy) to talk about his FPV flying exploits, videos, and new ready-to-fly hexacopter. Pirker talks frankly about his dealings with the FAA, views on multi-rotor safety, and the newly proposed guidelines for RC flyers. We also do some flying and racing!

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FPV video courtesy of Team Blacksheep.

Shot by Joey Fameli

Edited by Jon Finger
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38 thoughts on “Flying FPV Multi-rotors with Team Blacksheep

  1. You are in a way correct about the weight limits, If it is between 0.55 lbs or 250g may be just registered and have a tail number. And for 55 and above you must have a more extensive registration through the FAA website. 14 CFR Part 47 sUA and UA Registration Information.

  2. Seems like the New Zealand government watched this video took all the things you suggested and banned them! In NZ there is no fpv without a spotter, you couldn't fly mini quads any where other than an open space because it has to be with in line of site at all times, and no night flying.

  3. Pirker is an excellent example why FPV gets a bad rap.  The list of potential things multirotors can do is very long, and the technology needs to be taken seriously not just by the public, but also by the pilots of these machines.  Therefore, flying in a reckless manner for a cool shot or just for fun should not be taken lightly. Multirotors can be toys, if one desires them to be so, but ultimately they are a tool with many uses, and like any tool, safety should always be the top priority as well as a healthy respect for the people around us, the non-flying public, and especially the FAA because Pirker doesn't get to call the shots, the rest of the country does.

  4. all faa comments aside i think TBS made a mistake with this racing hex. compared to the 250 racing quads the picture from the camera is jerky as hell compared to the smoothness of other racing quads. secondly I think the mobius as good as it is is coming to an expiry so its not very future proof

  5. Makes me very angry you are supporting this guy. This man is the main reason the FAA came down on the RC community. We were able to police ourselves with the AMA rules. Because of this man we had many FPVers flying these cheap quads 5000-6000 feet into commercial air space. Just my two cents but very uncool your channel supports this guy to promote his company. Please think twice having him on again. I like your channel but not when you put him on. I see others agree with me.

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