FPV Proximity Flying


Team Black Sheep takes proximity flying to a new dimension. Looks and feels almost like sitting in a wingsuit, only safer 🙂

build log of my plane: www.team-blacksheep.com

More information and tipps about FPV in general:
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47 thoughts on “FPV Proximity Flying

  1. So got my long range set up and gonna be doing trials for a couple of weeks but i have some questions cause this Video inspired me to start with FPV 2 Years ago.

    On this particular video, where are you flying from? do always have LOS to the Plane? are you using 5.8? id love to get some hints when it comes to doing proximity flights!

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  3. I just got the Fatshark Dominator headset, but before I got I was watch Oculus Headset demos for gaming… Dont like the way the Fatsharks make you feel like your watch a square screen. Please tell me there will be Transmitter recievers for the Oculus coming out????

  4. That has to be the most beautiful scenery i've seen for FPV videos, where is it? Those mountains are intense, you fly from the top, of from lower down the mountain? I image the footage in this video is from an AUX camera, how is the quality on your FPV cam

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