P-51D Mustang, realistic cockpit Scale FPV HD

P-51D Mustang RC model flown through live feed video (landing too!). FPV! (First Person View)

I used an old 80’s GI Joe for the hands/jacket/pants and 5&9 gram servos for the pilot’s head camera pan&tilt, throttle and control stick. The head tracking in the goggles controls the Mobius camera movement, it’s actually very natural to look around while flying, it has been a fun project :).

1600mm wingspan w/ lights/flaps/retracts and fully animated scale cockpit. 4S 5000mah battery, 5.8GHz 400mW VTX.

Inspired by David Windestål’s P-51D.
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33 thoughts on “P-51D Mustang, realistic cockpit Scale FPV HD

  1. That is the BEST POV/FPV ex video I have ever seen that is damn impressive! The joystick and throttle movements are realistic but I bet it also serves a purpose of seeing exactly how much of the control your actually using

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