Skywalker 1900 41km Full FPV Flight – GoPro HD & OSD Flight Feed

41Km flight—Furthest distance from home: 10km
7,849mAh used


1: How much did the entire setup cost?
A: Around £1,500 – £1,700. The expensive components are the googles, radio transmitter, UHF system, Antenna tracker and the GoPro.

2: How did you make the Skywalker grey?
A: I used multi purpose grey primer spray paint from my local DIY store. No prep was needed and it took 3 coats I think. Its easy to damage the paint work so laminating it afterwards probably would have been a good idea.

3: What is the all up weight (AUW)?
A: Around 2.8kg with 10,000mAh on board.

Full Spec and links:

Up in the air:
-Skywalker 1900 ►
-Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 – 3536-1050kv ►
-Turnigy 60a ESC ►
-Turnigy servos ►
-RMRC Pan and Tilt (Holds both GoPro and flight cam) ►
-Sony WDR 700 line flight cam ►
-GoPro 3+ Black
-Cyclops Tornado OSD ►
-Dragon Link v2 Rx ►
-Lawmate 500mw 1.2ghz Video tx ►
-Blue Beam Mad Mushroom on Vtx ►
-Turnigy 5v UBEC ►
-Quanum 12v UBEC ►
-Homemade LC Filter ►
-2 x Turnigy 5000mAh 4S 25c ►
-APC 9×6 Prop ►
-Telefly Pro OSD (in series with the tornado to provide GPS data to the MFD AAT) ►

On me:
-Taranis ►
-Dragon Link v2 tx ►
-SRH771 diamond antenna ►
-Fatshark Attitude V2 goggles ►
-Bignose custom made 5.8 skew ►

On my Tripod Grounstation:
-MFD Antenna Tracker ►
-Cheap eBay 7″ monitor
-4 way Video splitter/amplifier from ebay
-1.2 ghz Crosshair antenna ►
-Lawmate R1200 Plus 1.2ghz VRx ►
-Fat Shark 25mw 5.8ghz repeater vtx (to send the video signal wirelessly from my 1.2ghz ground station to my goggles)
-Turnigy 5000mAh 3S ►

On board wiring diagram:
578 15

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